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No. Our platform is built on a proprietary software framework. While open-source frameworks such as WordPress may be OK for a basic marketing website or blog, they are not suitable for a sophisticated software product.

Yes. Once your platform is set up your team will be completely self-sufficient. Our platform includes all the modules for each user type including Investors, Issuers, Administrators, Auditors, among others. The automated and manual permission settings further control the abilities of each of these users.

Yes, our platform is equipped with a content management system that allows Administrators the ability to manipulate content. Aspects like menu items, marketing content and project categories are all editable with an easy to use CMS.

There is no limit to the number of investors or investment offerings. Our platform is a robust software product and is built for scalability and reliability with high activity levels.

Our platform aggregates many inputs that can be used in conjunction with third party applications. Currently, the ability to export data in a .csv format enables you to plug data into applications that complement the our platform.

Our platform can be integrate with any 3rd party software product that has an API and API documentation. We are integrated with a number of 3rd party systems in various markets but those that are universal to all markets (excluding payment processing) are:

– SalesForce – The world’s #1 CRM
– DocuSign – Document generation and electronic signature
– LexisNexis – Legal & Professional Solutions
– Clicky – Platform analytics

We provide you with the opportunity to choose which payment gateway you would want to have implemented within your platform. We work with a variety of payment processors and provide the ability to customize which payment gateway your platform would like to use. CrowdFund Connect is not responsible for the transfer of funds, as the platform redirects to the payment gateway that has been chosen for the actual transaction.

CrowdFund Connect never stores user’s financial information. We leave this PCI compliant task to our payment gateway providers. Although we can have a custom module created to work with any payment gateway provider, our technology team evaluates the security levels of the payment gateway before integrating it to ensure that the highest level of security is maintained.

In addition to the above security measures, we ensure that our backups are stored in a secure environment never travelling across unsecured network. This ensures that data is not subject to a man in the middle (MIIM) attack. We use several best practices methods including but not limited to salted passwords and proper database communication methods to block SQL injection.